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Trinocular Inverted Microscope - MAE31-R


Inverted infinity and phase contrast microscope
Inverted infinity and phase contrast microscope

With a wide range of features for university and laboratory use, this advanced research microsocpe features infinity corrected and phase contrast optics, halogen illumination, and trinocular head. Complimenting the illumination system is the extra-long working distance (ELWD) 0.30 N.A. condenser and its 72mm working distance for larger sample sizes. 
This microscope includes built-in internal 110-220V auto-switching power supply. Ergonomically designed, professional frame with low-position coaxial focusing allows one-handed operation, making extended use comfortable.

Head: Trinocular, Siedentopf with light splitter (100% or 20/80%)
22mm eyepieces
Ergonomic 45 degree observation angle
Side-facing quintuple nosepiece
Infinity corrected optics

4X infinity
10X and 20X infinity and phase

ELWD N.A. 0.30 condenser
Halogen illumination with intensity control
Plain stage with glass and metal inserts
Accessories included: IEC power cord, centering telescope, phase slider, glass and metal stage inserts, blue and green interference filters, allen hex keys (2), dust cover


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